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How do I find out all the details?

Three buttons below will provide you all the details, timing, guidelines, and submission forms for approval prior to the actual paint date.  Download and review to make sure you know how to complete the process. 


The design submission form will need to be printed in order to sign the agreement and submit your sketched design idea for approval.  Then use the upload link below to send your proposal to the administration for review.  This needs to be completed BEFORE July 26. You can reserve your spot for $45 anytime before July 26!  This is IN ADDITION to the Novi High School mandatory parking permit fee which all students must pay to park a car at the school! 

Where can I get ideas for my spot?

Staying within the guidelines is #1, but the rest is up to your creativity and imagination. Designs must be able to be enjoyed by all, and suitable to be viewed by all age groups.  Your spot should be fun and reflect who you are as a person. We have a link below on fun examples, but use Google, collaborate with your friends, and get ready for the first day of school!

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