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Proactive Planning & Progress:

Work in Small Groups to Achieve Success

These are focused groups of people working together to achieve a goal.  The vision and foundation comes from past experiences, but that is only your launching point.

Each committee has different timing, deliverables, resources, & skillsets.  And they all are important and a part of the equation to deliver an amazing event for our graduates. 

Use the link above to explore those different groups and contact us on where you want to support the SANP.  These teams meet during the school year.

Image by Sammie Chaffin



Event Execution:

Assist on the Day of SANP & See the Results

This event does not happen in May without 100s of parent volunteers from our Novi families.

How can you help?  Click the link above, explore the opportunities, and sign-up to contribute.  Sign-up early to get your preferred spot.  Be sure to include your student(s) name in the comment portion as they will earn an extra raffle ticket for your participation.

Yes, it does run all night into the early morning, and we will need your help.  Celebrate this milestone with your children.

The link will include set-up and preparing for the party from non-senior families (since senior families will be at graduation).  Just a couple of hours will go a long way toward success.


The grid below represents an overview of the groups within the SANP.  If you want to know more about any of these groups, please contact us using the link in the header menu above.  Help us learn your strengths and passion and how they can fit into the SANP process.

RED ICON still need a Chair(s), and may also need members. 

YELLOW ICON still need team members, but have a Chair to lead which is noted

Click the sign-up button below to volunteer.  


GREEN ICON currently have the targeted number of volunteers on the team.

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