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Class of 2025 ONLY!  Order by July 26, as the order window will close after this date.   This is your only opportunity for your senior year.  Don't miss out!!


How does your own customized and reserved parking spot at the High School for the entire year sound?  And for less than $0.25 per day.  Purchase and reserve your spot here.  Links to the details and submission form are in the additional information section.  You do not have to submit a design today when you reserve a spot.  That process will come next, but the design must be submitted before July 26.  

Parking Spot-Reserve & Paint

  • You recognize that the painting of a Senior parking space is a privilege and understand that this privilege could be revoked for acts on the part of seniors negatively representing the student body and/or violations of school policy.  You will assume full responsibility for your actions and behavior.

    You will submit a design to be approved by the administration prior to painting.  This design has guidelines that must be followed.  Read them all carefully.  Your design must be pre-approved, and you cannot deviate from that in your final painted version.

    All the documents can be found on the website.  There are three documents available for download.  They can all be found HERE.

    Details, Timing, & Steps: This document has the actions and key dates that will happen this summer with the project.

    Design Guidelines: Here you will find the full list of guidelines that need to be followed when creating your proposed design and additional guidance to follow during the school year.

    Design Submission: You need to print this, review the agreement, sign it, and create your design proposal.  You will then upload it to a Google Form.  That upload link is also found on the same web page.

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