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To cover all the bases before SANP and at the night of the event, use the list below to help guide you through the process.  From buying a ticket, sending in photos, ordering a yard sign, donating items, and volunteering your time, it's all here! 


Click on any image to take you to that part of the site and learn more.


Buy a Ticket

STEP ONE: In order to get into the party, students will need a ticket. Get yours here.


Buy early and save!

Gift Card


STEP FOUR: There are many areas where donations are used in support of the party.  Find yours here!



STEP SEVEN: Have a business, or know a business that will support the SANP?  We are looking for in-kind (goods & services), or cash donations.



STEP TWO: This event does not happen without your help.  On a committee or helping the night of SANP, we need everyone!

Senior Video

Submit Photos

STEP FIVE: We have a project to create a senior video that involves photos of students and we need you to search your emails, hard drive, and phone.


Attend Meetings

STEP EIGHT: Come learn more about SANP, progress reports, upcoming events, and where your support is needed.

Shopping Cart

Online Shop

STEP THREE: Items for purchase including senior spirit wear, yard signs, and senior parking space painting 

Kindergarten Picture

Kindergarten Pic

STEP SIX: We have another project and game to create a look back at all the students when they were young.  We need you to send in their picture.

Contact Us

Contact Us!

LAST STEP: Still have questions, want to learn more, how to help, other?  Reach out and let's talk!!

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